Adding published groups to your website


On the groups page you will see the "Embed published groups list" option. This will open the following page that contains code used to add published groups lists to your website.

While both the JavaScript and iFrame version will embed groups on your website the JavaScript version is a little more sophisticated and will automatically adjust the height of the list as needed. Some website creation tools will not allow you to use JavaScript, if this is the case then the iframe version is suggested.

While the design of the group list is consistent with the rest of UCare, this may look out of place on your website. If so, a custom CSS file can be specified to alter the design of the list, though you will need the help of someone with CSS skills to customize the design.


Published groups list

Here is an example of a group list that has been added to a website; only groups that are either featured or published will be displayed. Featured groups will always be displayed at the top of the list. You can enter as much or as little information in each group's description. When someone searches for a location, time or interest this information will be searched.

Here we can see that Mark is interested in John's bible study. He's selected John's group and entered his contact info and a short greeting. This lets you publish up to date group information without risking making people's private contact information visible on the internet.

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