Changing sms settings


Settings can be accessed from the nav bar, if you're using a phone then you may need to first tap  


If you want to send SMS through UCare you first need to register for a Clickatell Developer account, then add the account details. You can register with Clickatell for a named Sender Id (e.g. MyChurch), this will make it easy for people to recognize where a message is from though they won't be able to reply to those messages. If you have a Clickatell Americas account then this will be the number that was assigned to you when you registered for the service.

Note: You can increase the max length of SMS messages, but as the length increases so does the prices of sending the messages.


Side panel

The side panel is displayed on the right hand side of the page, if you are viewing on device with a small screen such as a tablet or phone you can access it by tapping 

The side panel includes an option that will let you download a report of who has been using SMS and how much. This can be useful for charging SMS costs back to church departments.


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