Email payment statements


Once you have selected one or more payments you'll be able to tap Actions > Email payment statements to each person

For each of the selected payments a summary statement will be generated for each person that made one or more payments. You can change the payments included in the statements by adjusting the Date range the payment tags and the selected payments.

You can then enter a message that will be included in the email that each person receives. The From drop down allows you to specify the email address to send the email from, use the Template drop down to select the design template to format the email with.

Once the desired options have been selected click Send and the statements will be generated and emailed to each person.

Tip: You can click the checkbox at the top of the list of payments to select all the currently displayed payments. Once you do this the Actions menu will appear.

Tip: Enter an email address in the BCC field to send a copy of each email statement to that email address, this can be very useful if you need to later print the statement for one or more people.

Tip: To test the sending of email statements select the "Only send statements to the BCC address" option. This will only send the statements to the BCC address and not to the people who made the payments.

Tip: If you need to send a statement to just one person then these same options can be found on the Payments tab of each person's profile.



Example statement

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