Viewing and adding tasks [video]


Tasks are a great way to improve the level of care your team can provide to people, whatever their need. Tasks can be assigned to team members not just relating to people but for any item in UCare, and email reminders are sent when tasks are created and when they are due to help ensure tasks get done.

You can see your tasks for the next 7 days (including overdue tasks) on the dashboard, and all tasks can be accessed by hitting Tasks in the top right next to help. If you are using a device with a small screen you will find tasks on the nav bar; just above the check in kiosk.

The tasks page by default shows you all the tasks that are assigned to you, and you can change the filter to view tasks you or someone else has assigned to other people. Tap the edit button to reassign a task or change the due date, when you tap save an email is sent to the person that created the task to let them know.

Note: You must have Admin privileges to view other people's tasks, you can also view all tasks by tapping anyone next to Assigned to.



Side panel

You can subscribe to your tasks so that you receive reminders on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Tapping subscribe should open it in your calendar, here are two articles that help with adding your tasks to Google calendar or calendar.


Creating tasks  



Every item page includes Tasks, tap the plus to add a task relating to the item you are viewing. Add a task description, and optionally pick the person to assign the task too along with when it is due. You can even choose to have the task repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly if this is something that needs to happen regularly. And don't worry about them getting missed, each time the task repeats a new email will be sent.

Tip: If this task is related to a sensitive pastoral care matter then restrict it so that only the appropriate people can see it.

Tip: The due date will display a picker that you can choose a date from, alternatively you could type the date. It recognizes simple phrases like "5pm tomorrow" or " 9am next Wednesday".


Deleting tasks

If the task is assigned to you then tap on the link to the related item. When the item opens you will see the task listed under the Task section in the side panel. From here you can double tap the X next to the task to delete it, alternatively you can double tap the checkmark to notify the person who assigned the task that it's now complete.

If your access level is Location Admin or Super Admin then you can go to the Tasks area (tap Tasks in the top right) then select the person who you want to change tasks for. Next tap the Edit pencil and you will see the delete option.

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