Latest activity [video]


Learn how to view all you latest activity in UCare, this will show you a full record of your history and changes. If you are Super Admin you can see everyone's activity, which can help you better understand why something changed. Super admins can also use this to see someone is using people's data in a way that church leadership has not allowed them, for example if a youth leader is using it as personal dating tool.



The search box displays the most recent items that you have been viewing so that you can quickly navigate back to them, but if you need to see more items you viewed or changes then tap Latest activity, it will be the last item in the list.


If you have Super admin privileges then you will be able to view everyone's activity. You can use this as an audit log to ensure that people's info is being used appropriately by those people that have been given access. People with Location admin' privileges can see all activity relating to the security area's that they have permission to.

You can filter the activity to help you find the item or changes that you need, and if you are a super admin you can even filter by person.

Tip: If you need to undelete something that was deleted a while ago or by someone else then search for it in the Everything field.



When viewing a person's profile; super admins will see a latest activity link under Sign in, this will let you see all activity by this person.

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