Record small group attendance [video]


Learn how to create small groups and use meetings to regularly record their attendance.



Attendance can be important information for a church to collect, as such UCare makes it easy for you to get almost anyone involved. If a meeting is set to repeat then any person with an email address can be selected to send an attendance report reminder to. Thirty minutes before the meeting time a notification will be sent to the selected people; when they tap the link it will open a page similar to the following.

To best take advantage of this it is suggested that this be viewed on a smartphone. Tap each person to check them off and add new people along with any individual or meeting notes worth reporting. If the meeting wasn't held for whatever reason then check "Meeting not held" and enter a brief description of the reason.

Tip: The people who receive attendance notifications don't need to have access to UCare, the notification will include a link to the attendance form that they can easily fill out. When they hit submit attendance an email will be sent to the leaders of the group.

Tip: Add your small group pastor as a group leaders so that any confidential information is sent directly to them when attendance is submitted. The confidential information is only included in the email; it never gets recorded in UCare. You'll need to add the information as a restricted note if you want it recorded against a person's profile. Only leaders with People & households permission will be sent confidential notes.

Note: If a person is added on the attendance report and a profile with the same name and contact info already exists, then instead of creating an entirely new profile, the existing person will simply be recorded as having attended the meeting.

Tip: Recent visitors of the group will also be displayed in the list of names, if a visitors attends 3 times within 60 days; they will automatically become a group member.


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