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Meetings are an easy way to find out where people are connected, and knowing when people stop attending lets you more easily offer the help they need. Once meeting attendance is recorded, task emails remind you to follow up with the attendees via phone, email or SMS if required. You can also view the health of different groups, and how often members are connecting.

You can easily send meeting attendees email and SMS messages, leave follow up tasks that are emailed to the team, or view one of the available reports.

Tip: If the meeting has been set to repeat, but the next meeting hasn't been created yet, then there is a "create next meeting" option that will create the next meeting. This can be useful when you are trying to Print > Check in labels from the group page.




This allows various stats related to the meeting to be recorded for future reference. The default stats available are Attendance, Baptisms, Decisions, Giving and Visitors, but a new type of stat can be added simply by typing the name of the stat and tapping Add Stat.

Stats can also be restricted. For example, you might restrict Giving stats to a Finances security area; this way only people with that security access will see giving stats.


When viewing the meeting on a small screen, the layout is optimized to make it quick and easy to record stats. For example, a volunteer could stand at the back of a meeting and tap plus to record attendance, they could then repeat the same process when hands are raised in response to an "altar call".




The people tab shows all people who are a member of the meeting's group and who attended the meeting. If "Record check in & out times" is selected when editing the meeting then the current time will be recorded for check in and you'll have an option to later check the person out. If this isn't selected, then no check in time is recorded and you won't have the option to check the person out. The second option may be preferable if you don't need to record check in and out times. You would want to record check in and out times for children's or youth ministry.

Tip: When adding people, you can add a person, or you can add all the people from a household, group, meeting or event. And you can find people not just by name but also by phone number, email or barcode. You can use a barcode or RFID reader to search for the person by their barcode.

Tip: If a person has "checkout" next to their name then it means they are still checked in. Tap "checkout" to check them out now or tap "Checkout remaining people" to check out all people that are still checked in.

Tip: If you need to add a new person and record that they attended the meeting, simply tap New person and enter their details. If a person with the same details already exists on UCare, then instead of creating an entirely new profile the existing person will simply be recorded as having attended the meeting.

Tip: Recent visitors of the group will also be displayed in the list of names. If a visitor attends 3 times within 60 days, they will automatically become a group member.



Meeting reports gives you the ability to create reports for different needs. The current report formats are:



The print tab is where you'll find options to print the group members. You can either print to a PDF or a DYMO LabelWriter if you have one attached to your computer. The following print options are available:

Address labels - Avery Labels - Create address labels PDF for printing on Avery labels
Address labels - DYMO LabelWriter - Print address labels to a DYMO LabelWriter
Name tag labels - Avery Labels - Create name tags PDF for printing on Avery labels
Name tag labels - DYMO LabelWriter - Print name tags to a DYMO LabelWriter
Check in labels - Avery Labels - Create check in name tags and security tickets PDF for printing on Avery labels
Check in labels - DYMO LabelWriter - Print check in name tags and security tickets to a DYMO LabelWriter

The following Avery label sizes are available:

Avery Labels L7159 - 3 x 8
Avery Labels L7160 - 3 x 7
Avery Labels L7169 - 2 x 4
Avery Labels L7173 - 2 x 5
Avery US Labels L5363 - 3 x 8
Avery US Labels L5360 - 3 x 7
Avery US Labels L5163 - 2 x 5

Tip: If you are running an event then you can use Name tag labels - Avery Labels with the Avery 2 x 5 size to create name tags to use inside lanyards. The name tag will include a barcode to make it quick and easy to look up the guest in UCare if they want to make a purchase or re-register. Selecting Print a border around labels will add a border that you can use as crop marks.


Side panel

The side panel is displayed on the right hand side of the page, if you are viewing on device with a small screen such as a tablet or phone you can access it by tapping

The side panel includes extra options and tasks. The options include sending everyone who attended the meeting an email message or merging the meeting with another. If you are an admin you will also see Latest activity, tapping this will show the people that have viewed this meeting and all the changes that have been made.

Tip: When sending email to a meeting, only those who are marked as attended will receive the message.


Send SMS message

If you have permission to send SMS messages then selecting this option will display the following form. By default, messages will be sent from the mobile number that was registered when your UCare account was created; you can change it by changing your access. If a Sender ID has been added under security area settings, then that will also be displayed, in this example MyChurch is the Sender ID.

Note: By default the max length of messages is 160 for normal characters or 70 for non-Latin/Unicode characters. But if you would like to send longer messages please contact support as we can increase this for you, although each message can cost extra after enabling this.

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