Browse meetings


If you want to browse the list of meetings then first tap meetings on the nav bar.


This will display all meetings, grouped by month. If you pick another month from the drop down it will update the list of meetings.

If you check the boxes to the left of each group you'll get the following bulk action options:

Change group...: Change the group the selected meetings are attached to.
Change time...: Change the start and end time of the selected meetings.
Duplicate selected meetings: Create a duplicate of each of the selected meetings.
Delete selected meetings: Delete all the selected meetings.

Tip: If you open each meeting in a new tab then you will be able to keep your place in the list as you browse through meetings.

Tip: You can view meetings based on the group type. E.g. Church, Small group, Youth, Young Adults.


Side panel

You can subscribe to your meetings so that you receive reminders on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Tapping subscribe should open it in your calendar, here are two articles that help with adding your meetings to Google calendar or calendar.

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