View and edit households


Keeping people together in households helps you gain a better understanding of any given family, whether they're single, a group of young singles, newlyweds, mom; dad and three kids, in fact however their family is structured you can add them to the right household. A household's home phone, residential and postal address only needs to be updated once and keeping everyone together helps simplify mail delivery.

If you check the boxes to the left of people's names name you'll get the following bulk action options:

Add selected people to...: Add the selected people to another group, meeting or process.
Remove from all groups: Remove the selected people from all groups.
Add a note...: Add a note to all the selected people.
Add or remove date....: Add or remove a date to the selected people.
Add or remove more detail...: Add or remove a more detail field to the selected people.
Update email...: Reset a failed email address, or subscribe/unsubscribe the selected people from email.
Update gender...: Update the gender of the selected people.
Delete selected people: Delete all the selected people.

Tip: Tap View map under the residential address to view a map and get directions.


Side panel

The side panel is displayed on the right hand side of the page, if you are viewing on device with a small screen such as a tablet or phone you can access it by tapping 

The side panel includes extra options and tasks. The options include sending everyone in the household an email message or merging the household with another. If you are an admin you will also so Latest activity, if you tap this you will be able to see the people that have viewed this household and all the changes that have been made.

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