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Hi and welcome to UCare. This article covers the basics of signing in to UCare for the first time, and finding your way around UCare.

The first time you sign in it is a good idea to take note of the address and maybe even add a bookmark. The address will be something like https://mychurch.ucareapp.com, where mychurch is the name that was chosen for your church.

On the welcome page simply pick your time zone and a password then tap Continue.

If SMS has been enabled and you have been given SMS privileges then you will also need to enter a code, the code will be SMSed to your mobile/cell phone when you view the Welcome page. Normally this is quick, but it can take up to 30 seconds for the code to arrive.


Mobile apps 

UCare is designed to work where you work, this doesn't just mean your location but also the device you are using. As such check out our apps for iOS (i.e. iPhone & iPad), Android and Windows Phone, and for other devices simply use your web browser to navigate to your churches UCare address.

Download on the AppStore
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Get it on Windows 10


Navigating UCare

Find out more about using the nav bar to navigate UCare.



Once you sign in you will find yourself on the dashboard, the layout will adjust to make the best use of your device's screen. So if you are using it on a phone it will adapt to look and work like a phone app. While on devices with larger screens it will look somewhat like the following picture.

On the left hand side you will find the nav bar, if the screen on your device is a little smaller the nav bar may be collapsed (if so hover over the nav bar to reveal it, on your phone tap the top left menu button). The nav bar contains the New menu for creating different items and the different UCare item sections. Following this is Check in Kiosk, Import people, Sync center, Settings and finally Sign out. You can find more info about each of these after the following picture and make sure you check out Import people.

At the top of the window is a search box that will let you find almost anything by name. Search is a quick and easy way to navigate if you know the name of what you are looking for. In fact you only need to enter the first few letters of the item you are looking for, with people you can enter the first few letters of a person's first and last name. This is very handy if you aren't sure of the exact spelling of their name. You can also find people by any phone number, email address or barcode listed on their UCare profile.

The top right shows how many tasks you have assigned to you and also lets you access the help center; including our support team. The main part of the dashboard displays recent meeting attendance for the last 30 days, your tasks for the next 7 days, upcoming events and groups that you own. If you have just signed up for UCare it may seem a little blank, don't worry this will change as you add people, start recording attendance and assigning tasks.

Note: Some of the things discussed may be unavailable if you haven't been given permission.



Whether you have just a few people or thousands, you can see everything that's going on at once. Quickly find people and view their contact details, address, important dates, attendance, notes, relationships and groups.

Easily send them email and SMS messages or leave follow up tasks that get emailed to the team.

Make sure you check out Import people on the nav bar, this will let you import a list of people from a CSV spreadsheet so that you can quickly get started with UCare. Once you upload the CSV file you will be asked to choose what type of information each column represents.

If you have an Excel spreadsheet of contacts that you want to import then make sure you first change the format by tapping File > Save as... > CSV (Comma delimited).

If you are an Admin you can grant other people access to UCare by tapping Change access on their profile and selecting the permissions you want them to have. When you tap save they will be sent a welcome email with a link to sign in.



Keeping people together in households helps you gain a better understanding of any given family, whether they're single, newly married, a single parent or whatever might be the case. A household's home phone or address only needs to be updated once and keeping everyone together helps simplify mail delivery.



Groups are a simple yet powerful way to keep your church, ministries and teams organized; you can even use them to build small groups or keep track of things such as gifting's. You can create groups for anything really, it helps you organize your church as needed. Groups also allow you to keep people connected with quick and easy email templates and SMS messages or view one of the many reports.

Search groups are just like regular groups except people are included based on easily selected criteria. Use it to create any report you need and to ensure people don't slip through the cracks.

When your church first signed up for UCare a bunch of groups were added to help you understand what groups you may need. You can change or delete these groups to better suit your church.


Meetings & Check in

Meetings are an easy way to find out where people are connected, and knowing when people stop attending lets you more easily offer the help they need. Once meeting attendance is recorded; task emails remind you to follow up with the attendees via phone, email or SMS if required. You can also view the health of different groups, and how often members are connecting.

The check in kiosk makes it easy for children to be signed in and out, and a security receipt can be printed in line with the requirements of many governments. Additionally a name tag is printed that can include allergies and contact numbers should they be needed.



Manage ticketing for your events both large and small. We process payments, help you keep in contact with event attendees via SMS or email. You can add an event list and booking forms to you website, this makes it simple to publish new events to your website just by adding the event to UCare. UCare even lets you can use any smartphone to scan ticket, check in kids and attendees and track attendance.


Email Messages

Sending email that is anti-spam compliant and looks great is super easy with UCare. Select a template, the recipients and attachments then you're ready to send. You can even queue your newsletters so they automatically send at a specified time.

Simple MailChimp integration lets you take your email campaigns to the next level with their extensive design and reporting features.


Forms & Processes

Processes let you track people through each stage of a process; you can automate sending follow up email & SMS, and ensure that Leaders follow them up within expected time frames. Forms can also be created so that you ensure all the required info is collected. This can be used to help keep track of connecting new people; staff leave requests, leadership development, marriage preparation and more.

An example of how this may work is you create a prayer request form and drop it on your church website, when a person submits the form they go into the prayer request process that assigns them to a pastor to ensure that person is contacted, followed up and cared for appropriately.



UCare payment forms can be added to your website so people can make online payments. In fact any giving or payments you receive from people can be recorded, you can even export transaction reports later on for accounting and tax purposes.



Stores provide you the ability to manage product sales, you can do things like sell church resources or maybe you want to give away podcasts or your weekend messages.


Sync Center

Sync center supports two options, the first lets you sync people to and from Planning Center Services. The second option is MailChimp, while UCare is very capable at sending email; you want to use MailChimp if you need more advanced email features then what UCare provides. Using the Sync center will help you avoid incorrect information or having to update people's info in multiple systems, let UCare worry about that so you can focus on caring for people.



Your account settings can be found here, things like changing your password or time zone.

If you are an Admin you will have access to UCare settings for Check in, bulk email, security areas and payments. The Check in settings let you change the design of the name tags and receipts that are printed at check in.

The email accounts lets you add other email addresses that you can send on behalf of, while the email template allow people with Email HTML coding skills to create custom email design templates.

To enable UCare to process Credit Card payments for giving, event registrations and resource purchases you need to select one of our supported payment providers in payments settings.

The portal provides an easy way to give members of your church a way to register for events, small groups and to fill in forms. They can also give, purchase resource and update their contact details and browse the church directory all from the online portal.

Security areas allow you to restrict information so that it is only visible to people that have been given permission to that security area. You may want to add additional security areas for your Elders or for each of your campuses.

If you want to enable SMS then you need to register with clickatell.com for a developer account, purchase some credit and then add the clickatell account to the security area you want to enable SMS for, normally this would be the Default security area so that any team member can be given SMS permission if needed.

The subscription settings allow you to specify who your UCare Account manager is and also to enter the credit card that is used to process payment of your monthly subscription to UCare.


Sign out

If you are using UCare on a shared computer then it is advisable that you sign out when you are finished. You can find the sign out option at the bottom of the nav bar.


Latest activity

Latest activity will show you all your recent activity on UCare. If you have Super admin privileges then you will be able to view everyone's activity. You can use this as an audit log to ensure that people's info is being used appropriately by those people that have been given access.



UCare allows tasks to be assign to team members, this sends them email reminders and ensures that the tasks get done. If you tap Tasks in the top right it will show you all the tasks that are assigned to you and also allow you to add those tasks to your calendar so that you receive reminders on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Tasks are a great way to improve the level of care your team can provide to people, whatever their need.



If you didn't find the answer to your question or if you need assistance at any time then tap the Help button at the top right of every page or email support. We are always happy to help so drop us a line.

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