Changing security area settings


Settings can be accessed from the nav bar, if you're using a phone then you may need to first tap  


Security area settings allow you to add or change security areas. Security areas are a flexible way to restrict access to information saved on UCare. By default there are two security areas available, Default and Protected. You can rename these if needed or create new security areas. While you can't delete security areas you can merge two security areas. Things that are restricted to the area you want to merge will then be restricted to the selected security area.

The types of security areas you may want to create are an Executive area so that senior leadership can keep private information on UCare, or for multi-site churches you could create a security area for each of your church campuses.

Tip: If a person isn't a super admin and hasn't been given access to a security area they won't even know it exists. View their profile and tap "change access" to change the security areas that they have access to.

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