View and refund orders


Orders can be found on the store's orders tab, where you can search for them by order number or the name of the person who made the order. The order page shows when the order was made, the payment type and products purchased. The number next to the order name (in this case the number 2 next to John Smith) is the order number that was provided to the person when they ordered, you can use it to quickly look up their order. If products need shipping then you will find shipping details on the person's profile, in this example you could tap "John Smith" to view his address.


Side panel

The side panel is displayed on the right hand side of the page, if you are viewing on device with a small screen such as a tablet or phone you can access it by tapping 

"New email message" will let you send a message to the person who made the order, and if they didn't receive their order confirmation email along with invoice and any downloads then tap "Resend confirmation email".

If you are an admin you will also so Latest activity, tapping this will show the people that have viewed this order and all the changes that have been made.


Send SMS message

If you have permission to send SMS messages then selecting this option will display the following form. By default messages will be sent from the mobile number that was registered when your UCare account was created, you can change it by changing your access. If a Sender ID has been added under security area settings then that will also be displayed, in this example MyChurch is the Sender ID.

Note: By default the max length of messages is 160 for normal characters or 70 for non-Latin/Unicode characters. But if you would like to send longer messages please contact support as we can increase this for you, although each message can cost extra after enabling this.



If the order payment was made by credit card and a payment service other than PayPal then you can also issue a credit card refund.

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