Using a process [video]


Learn how to use a process, process can help tracking people through a process parts of which can be automated.



Using a process is very straight forward, after you have completed the tasks associated with a person assigned to you simply drag the person's details card to the next column. This will assign them to the next person and also perform any actions associated with that step.

People that are assigned to you and are due in the next seven days will appear on your dashboard. You can also see which people are assigned to you by selecting your name from "View people assigned to", if you don't see your name then you don't have any people assigned to you.

Any person on the process board can be reassigned or the due date changed by tapping the edit pencil on their details card, updating the person and due date and then tapping save. You can also remove them from a process simply by double tapping the X on their details card.

When you start to drag a person's card the columns will light up to show you where you can drop the card, in the example Mark Johnson's card is being dragged from the Initial email step to the 2nd Follow-up step.

Tip: Each column shows how many people that have been added to the process board made it to that step. You can use the information to see how effective each step of a process is and where you may want to focus your efforts.

Tip: When a person is moved to a step that has a "Complete/Remove" action associated with it they will slowly start to fade out until they completely disappear. If moving them to that step was an accident then make sure you move them to the correct location before they completely disappear.


People can be added manually, when a person's profile is created or when a form that has associated process is submitted. 

When adding people manually you can either add a person, or you can add all the people from a household, group, meeting or event. And you can find people not just by name but also by phone number, email or barcode. You can use a barcode or RFID reader to search for the person by their barcode. You can also choose the step that you want to add them to, this can be useful if you want to skip a few steps.

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