How to send email receipts for payments


Churches often need to generate receipts for members who make payments. For example, at the end of the financial year you may need to generate a tax deducible giving statement for members who gave into certain funds. UCare makes this easy by generating email receipts for a variety of payments.

Go to the navigation bar and tap Payments as shown. If you're using a phone then you may need to first tap



Often people enter payment info using slightly different info, for example they may use a shorter version of their name, they may used a different email address or they may simply miss spell their info. When this happens a duplicate profile gets created because the payment info entered doesn't match an existing profile. When it comes time to send giving statements these duplicates will cause a separate statement email to be sent to each duplicate profile. Because of this we highly recommend that before you send giving statements that you first Merge duplicate households and people.


On the payments page you can choose to filter through payments by date range (e.g. Jan 1 - Dec 31), tags (Payment, Event, Giving, Store etc) and by searching for key words (e.g. the name of the giver), as shown below.



Select the person/s you wish to email by selecting the bubble next to their name/s and then select the actions button. If you wish to select everyone then click the actions button first, this will automatically select everyone displayed.



Select Email payment statements to each person. 



You can then specify the email address you wish to send the email from, choose a template to format the email with and write a message that will be included in the email.

Once you've finished click send. 

Tip: The BCC field is so you can get a copy of each giving statement sent to yourself or a selected email address. This can be very useful if you need to later print the statement for one or more people. 


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